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Our Animal Center Project

In Quebec, one out of every four pets is abandoned every day, which makes us champions of abandonment in North America.

Every year, animal welfare associations fight against the abandonment of pets. Abandonment, particularly numerous during the period of moving, on the eve of the summer holidays and a few months after Christmas.

45% of Quebec households own a pet. Statistics show that on average, each is kept only two years by their owners! The Haut-Saint-Laurent is not spared. Many farms, stables, campgrounds and more are full of cats and not to mention municipalities where many citizens find litters of kittens below their shed and porch.

At the dog level, the problem is mainly puppy mills, the aggressiveness of certain individuals, abuse and lost dogs.

The Haut-Saint-Laurent Animal Center will be there to work jointly with the municipalities of the Haut-Saint-Laurent and the Sûreté du Québec to put measures in place and long-term solutions to the problem of overcrowding, abuse and abandonment of dogs and cats in the Haut-Saint-Laurent.